Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday - Sorting Mail

Whenever possible, sort your mail as soon as you bring it in the house. Immediately recycle all of the junk mail, newspaper inserts, and envelopes. This simple step alone will make a HUGE difference in the amount of paper clutter you have in your house!

Here's my mail, after I sorted it today:
 The front pile is everything to be recycled, and the "keep" pile in the back contains only a graduation invitation and some insurance papers that need to be filed.

It's also super helpful to keep your bin for recyclable paper in an easy-to-access location. I struggled with finding the perfect location in our house for probably a year after we moved in. It needed to be handy, but also somewhere the kids wouldn't dig in it! Finally, my husband came up with an idea that works perfectly for us - under the kitchen sink!  It's kind of a strange place, but it works for me because I almost always sort the mail in the kitchen.  I just use a cardboard box instead of a plastic bin, so I do have to transfer the papers to a bag for pick-up on recycling day, so the garbage man won't take my box to be recycled too! (Learned that the hard way!)
Deal with the "keep" pile right away too. Put bills wherever you store things that need to be paid, put important dates on your calendar, and either file important papers away or at least place them in a folder/bin labeled "to be filed" (I do the latter). Many organizers will tell you to throw away all invitations after writing down the vital information on your calendar...I agree with events that are local, and held in places you are familiar with. However, when I get a wedding invitation that will take place a few hours away in a place I've never been before, I save the whole invitation on my bulletin board so that I have the full directions, etc. That way it's easy to grab when we head out the door!

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  1. REALLY like this! Great tips. I sort all of my mail in the kitchen also, and I think a box labeled recyclable paper is perfect for us as well :)

    I also think I need to create a bulletin board for those inviations. I can't find one RIGHT now for next week...YIKES!