Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday - Kids' Sock Storage

And yes, I'm aware that today is Wednesday...I addressed my lateness yesterday (edit: in a post now deleted, because it didn't say much, haha).

So here's this week's tip:  I've just recently began keeping my twins' socks in their toy room.

Strange, yes, but let me explain.

Their toy room  is kind of a "back porch" room with a door to our backyard. Because we don't have a coat closet, it's also where we store all of our coats (hooks on the wall) and shoes. I recently acquired a 5-stall kids' coat cubby from a friend of mine who does daycare. We found colorful bins at the dollar store that fit perfectly in the top cubbies, with plans to store stuff like hats & mittens in them.

My kids have never been a big fan of socks in general, so we pretty much only put them on when we're actually leaving the house. I had always kept their socks in a dresser drawer in their room, because, well, that's where socks go. That's what we're taught when we're little!  But then the other day I had the realization that if their socks were stored right near their shoes, I wouldn't have to run upstairs every time we're going to go somewhere!  Genius, right?  So now their socks are happily residing in one of the colorful bins in the coat cubby, always handy when we're getting ready to head out the door.

When they're older & dress themselves regularly, and get over their aversion to wearing socks without shoes, I'm sure I'll move them back to their dresser drawer. But for now I think this will save me a lot of time!


  1. LOVE IT! AND I love your cubbies...I might even have a little you love it? Is it worth the cost (assuming one can't get them from a friend?) I have toyed with even getting ones that have doors for clutter-sake...hmm....something to think about.

  2. The family I used to nanny for had 5 kids. I think they had 5 or 6 large locker/cubbies in their hallway (built-in to the house) but a genius idea. I'm glad you have some now too.

  3. As Tessa would say, "Handy dandy!" :)