Friday, May 27, 2011

Tackling the Hall Closet (for now)

Other than bedroom closets, our home has only one closet.

Yep, you read that right, one closet.

I refer to it as the "front hall closet", because it's just inside the front door, at the bottom landing of the stairs. That would be a great location for a "coat closet", except for the fact that we rarely use that door as an entrance...

And yet, until about 1.5 weeks ago, the closet looked like this (full of coats):

Mind you, these are out-of-season coats, but still. Too many coats. I knew we needed to pare them down, as there were some that hadn't been worn since we had moved in, and it kept bugging me because I hadn't done it yet.  So one afternoon, when all of my kids happened to be napping at the same time (that's rare!), I completely emptied out the closet. Completely. And that's when I had an epiphany:  We only have one closet that's not for storing clothes....why the heck am I filling it up with coats (which are still clothes...) that we aren't even wearing?!?  They just went in there because there was a closet rod, not because it made good sense. And coats take up SO much space! I had always wanted to store my vacuum in this closet, but it would hardly ever fit with all the other stuff in there.

So I took the closet rod out!  Then I noticed that the shape of the closet would almost perfectly fit a white, plastic shelving unit that we had in our basement. So I trekked down there, cleaned off the shelves & carried it back up. Perfect!  Then only the things that I really wanted in the closet went back in there.

So much better, right?!  It makes me feel much better.  :-)

Here's some before & after close-ups:

Bottom - BEFORE

Bottom - AFTER

You will notice that the title of this post has (for now) behind it....that's for several reasons.
1) The inside of the closet really needs a paint job. I'm not sure if it's ever had one since the house was built. That might be an exaggeration...but might not.  I'm not sure which.  I'm thinking that an actual color would be fun, but I have many other things on my to-do list before painting the closet will take priority.

2) I was so proud of my quick, nap-time closet transformation that I had to show my hubby right when he got home that day. He suggested that we should really install some built-in shelves, which I totally agree with. That would make even better use of the space.

3) Things that were banished from the closet have not necessarily found homes elsewhere. For example, the coats may or may not be in a giant pile on top of some boxes in our basement...


  1. We have the "one closet" problem at our current place too! Right now we use it for bathroom stuff though, because we have no bathroom storage at all.

  2. Good job. Don't you just love figuring out to use space better? I had a client that I did the same thing for. We took out the rod (had been a bedroom, was making it a office) and same thing...he had a full size set of book shelves not being used that fit perfectly. I was SO excited! We used it for his office stock of supplies.
    Thanks for linking this to my Organizing Mission link party. I saw this earlier, but for some reason I couldn't comment on blogger blogs for a few days.