Friday, May 6, 2011

Unique View of Organizing

One of the reasons I think I have a unique view of organizing from some people is the fact that I have three small children, under the age of 3. Obviously, you have to be at least somewhat organized just to get a family like that out the door!  I think I notice it most when I'm trying to come up with new storage solutions. What may make sense for ME, doesn't necessarily make sense for US.  Let me explain.

Most of our kids' art supplies are stored in baskets inside the built-ins in our dining room, at about arm-level for me. There are also 2 drawers in the built-ins, which I recently emptied out & had the idea that perhaps contain they could contain art supplies instead. Then I realized that putting crayons & colored pencils in a location that my 2.5 year old twins can access on their own when I'm not in the room was probably definitely not a good idea...for the sake of my walls! That's just one example, I'm sure you will read/see more!

Another thing that I think makes my organizing style unique is the fact that I live in an older house. Many of the blogs that I read (and love!) have authors who live in newer houses with a lot of storage space throughout the house. If you're one of these people, I'm jealous of you!  I love our 1930's house, but it does pose an organizational challenge at times. For example, other than the bedroom closets, we're blessed with only a single hallway closet by the front door (an entrance which we rarely use). So we've had to be creative in finding other ways to store & organize our belongings.

If you live in an older house, or have small children in your house, how has that affected your organizing?


  1. If you would like to do a special on apartment organization, feel free to use my place as an "on location" spot. Just a suggestion...

  2. I'd actually love that challenge! But it would probably mean traveling without my kids, it's hard to get much done with them around. And then you'd be mad that I didn't bring them. :)

  3. My sister will watch them. She's got playmates for them ;)