Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hall Closet Reveal!

The transformation is our hall closet is finished!  You may remember this blog post from about a month ago, where I began reorganizing the closet.

Here's a reminder of what it looked like to begin with:

This was after removing coats & placing a set of plastic shelves in to create more storage:

And here's what it looks like now!
When I first started working on this closet, I hadn't placed a huge priority on getting it painted & getting built-in shelves installed. But as time (well, a month) has gone on, there have been other areas in our house that I'd like to go through & reorganize, but I haven't been sure where to put some of the stuff that I know will need new homes.  I knew that the built-in shelves would provide much more storage space than the plastic shelves had, and some of the items would definitely fit in there. Alas, the closet took priority again.

Finishing the transformation included:
-Painting the walls (I picked a pretty blue color to coordinate with some cute magazine holders that go in there...who says a closet can't be colorful?)
-Getting plywood for new wooden shelves, and painting them all white
-Installing the shelves (a whole story in itself...I had to enlist the hubby's help here because our chimney runs up through this closet & we had a heck of a time getting anything to go into that wall!)
-Lastly, and my favorite part, putting everything in it's new place!

I picked up some new medium-sized clear totes to house our winter gear - hats, scarfs, mittens - kids' stuff in one and adults' stuff in the other.  While in the store, I also came across these awesome plastic drawers, and after seeing the measurements for them, I HAD to buy them because they were basically MADE to fit my shelves!  Seriously, they're 17 inches deep and the shelves are 17.25 inches deep. What a great way to utilize the entire depth of the shelf.

There's a so much more space in this closet now, it's a bit ridiculous!  The new plastic drawers I got are empty, and I even threw in a basket that I wasn't using anywhere else right now, just to fill the space!  I'm not worried though...there are definitely items in other areas of our home that will make their way to this closet, now that it's so much more functional. I must admit that I left the vacuum & wrapping paper out when I took the after pics, just so I could show off more of the shelves - but they still live in the same spots as the "progress" pic.

I'm so pleased with how it turned out - sometimes I even open the door as I'm walking by, just to look at it again. Yes, I'm an organizing dork. But the neatness & colors makes me happy!  (To which my hubby replies, "Well, if that's all it takes..."  haha)


  1. It looks fantastic! ahh... feels good too doesn't it?
    Thanks for linking to my Organizing Mission link party.

  2. I love it!! I have an older home too and this is very inspiring!!

  3. I just saw your guest post over at I Heart Organizing...and I LOVE your blue closet. I love organizational blogs, they are so inspiring, and yours looks like fun, so I'm gonna follow. I can't wait to come back when I have more time and look at some of your older posts. Nice to "meet" you. :)

  4. I LOVE THIS!! You just gave me such a great idea. Now I am off to grab a tape measure. We certainly don't need TWO coat closets!!! :)!

  5. I followed the link from I Heart Organizing too...I was SO excited to see the box from RedBridge (I know that's dumb) but I have Celiac Disease so I acutally know what RedBridge is! Love your closet makeover and it gave me an idea for my seldom used linen closet. Thanks.