Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday - Donation Station

Image Credit: Super Stock

It's a great idea to have a location in your house where you can toss objects you come across that you know longer need/want - a donation station, if you will.  The location is also up to you, but make it somewhere handy. Some people keep a box in their laundry room (easy to toss clothes in), I keep mine in my basement simply because there isn't a very good place anywhere else. Not super handy, but it's the best location for me. I also like to use a simple cardboard box, that way I can grab the whole thing & just take it with me when I'm ready to donate, and I don't have to worry about waiting to get my plastic tote back.

If you regularly host a garage sale, consider doing the same idea!  I've known since last summer that I would be hosting a sale this year, along with some relatives, so I had several boxes in the basement where I would just stash stuff as I came across it. It can also be a big time saver if you price stuff as it goes in the box, then all you have to do is unpack it when it's time to set up your sale.  I didn't do this, and I'm definitely wishing I had!!

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