Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday - Junk Drawer Compartments

Junk Drawers are much less "junky" if you use small baskets to compartmentalize them. Empty out your drawer & decide what really needs to be in it. Then sort like items into each space.

You'll notice I've got a small selection of tools all in one basket (just basics that get used often, the rest are stored elsewhere), spare keys in another, tape in another, a cell phone charger in another....well, you get the picture.

The plastic baskets I have in my drawer were only like $1.25 for a 3-pack, or something like that; definitely well worth it in my opinion. Old check boxes are another great (and free!) option, that's what I'm currently using in our desk drawer.


  1. I love this idea. Although...it requires me to venture into my junk drawer in order to organize... Are you sure you don't just want to come down and do Mission: Organization - Apartment Edition? So much good material...

  2. Great idea! I did this in my drawer for spices, as I was sick of digging them all out when I was cooking. Your junk drawer isn't too junky. Are you hiding the rest of the junk somewhere, or are you just that good? :)

  3. To be completely honest, I emptied the junk drawer out, only put back what I felt needed to be in it, and everything else is still living in the plastic bag I threw it into, waiting until the day I feel like finding it all new homes. :)