Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday - Picture Labels for Toys

Making picture labels helps young children learn how to put their toys away, before they're able to read! You can pull images of your toys off the internet, as I did with our Mr. Potato Head drawer, or you can snap your own, as I did with our kitchen dishes & food. (I just put a small assortment of them on a white piece of paper & took a picture.) After printing them off, I taped the labels on the inside of the drawer, so they're less likely to be peeled off by little fingers.


  1. We did this at our preschool in Sioux Falls, and it was so handy. Also, my sister has baskets downstairs instead of drawers, you know, the cloth ones that slide into the wooden cubes, and she hooked the plastic picture frame keychains to the handles with the pictures in them.

  2. That's a neat idea, using keychains! I have some of those canvas bins in the toy room too, but they tend to hold misc. toys so have no labels at this point. :)

  3. Randi, I have caught up with all your posts now and must say, I am impressed by your organization skills. I am somewhat lacking in that department, but would LOVE my storage spaces to look like yours. I love that you're so realistic as well. Keep up the great work!