Monday, June 13, 2011

What I Was/Am Working On

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...
My original goal was 3 posts per week, which I'd still like to do, but things have been really busy around here lately & blogging hasn't been a big priority! 

I hosted a garage sale at my brother & sister-in-law's home this past weekend, along with some other relatives. They have a big, beautiful 3-stall garage and we had it quite full!  So that was taking up quite a bit of my time the last couple weeks especially...getting stuff ready, setting it up, etc.  I did have a lot of my stuff together in a pile in my basement, as I shared in last week's Quick Tip, so that definitely helped!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take

But, now that my basement has been purged of the big Garage Sale Pile in the corner, I finally have room to rearrange some of my storage & finish reorganizing the basement - a project I began a few months ago.  :-)

I'll be sharing more of my Summer To-Do List soon...any big home/organizing projects on yours?

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