Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday: Waiting? Clean out your Purse!

Image Source: totsyblog.blogspot.com

When you find yourself waiting somewhere for a few minutes - before a doctor/dentist appointment, to pick up your child from school or an activity, etc. - don't just sit there, use the time to clean out your purse!  You may not have time to get through everything, but even a few minutes here & there spent purging old receipts & gum wrappers will make a HUGE difference in the clutter of your purse.

I just did this yesterday -- I found myself waiting for a ride after an appointment (my mother-in-law had taken my kids to play at a park), so I sat on a bench outside & went through my whole purse. There was even a garbage can next to the bench, so that was especially handy (though if I'd have been at home I would have recycled all the paper). Cleaning out my purse had been on my mental to-do list for at least a couple weeks, and I finally found the perfect time window!

Check back in a couple days for a look at MY purse, what I keep in it, and how it's organized!  And be prepared to share about YOUR purse...that gives you a couple days to clean it out if it's in desperate need like mine was!  :-)


  1. I clean out my wallet all the time! I don't carry a purse, I just stick my wallet in the diaperbag. Haha.

  2. I actually do that a lot too, much easier than carrying both. Both that means that when I DO use my purse, I don't use it again for awhile & I end up with receipts & whatnot from several months ago!