Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Laundry Routine?

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What is your routine for doing laundry, if you even have one?

Do you have one or two days a week that are "laundry days", where you do multiple loads?  Do you try to just do a load a day to stay ahead?  Or do you just do laundry whenever the baskets/hampers are full?

How do you sort your laundry? By colors? By person? Or some other way?

When do you fold & put away your clothes? Immediately out of the dryer? Sometime later in the day? Or perhaps, "folding? what's that?"

Leave a comment below & share YOUR routine!

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  1. I work from home so do a load or 2 each day. Fold as I have time. Sort by colors - washing towels and underwear in hot (and my Norwex stuff, too!) and everything else in cold.

    We have shelves where we put the folded laundry. Each person in the family - me, husband and two daughters (8 and 5) are responsible for putting their stuff away at least once each week.

    Our laundry room is on the same level as our bedrooms - love it!

  2. Working: When nannying, I do kids' laundry at one of the houses and not the other. Since I'm at the one house 3 days in a row, I do kids' clothes on the first day (there's usually a pile-up). I do kids' sheets/blankies on the next day if needed. If there's a small load, I do it on the last day so they have a "clean slate". I start them in the morning and dry them over lunchtime so I can fold them during naptime.

    My own stuff: While working at camp and being super sweaty & covered in bugspray and campfire smoke, I began NOT sorting colors so that I could do all my clothes on the weekend in one batch (when everyone else is washing too). Most of my clothes don't run or bleed so I still wash everything together (except for new items). I try to keep jeans & towels separate from more delicate fabrics when possible. (but I also pay coin-operated machines in my apt. building so try to do as much in one load as I can).

    Since I share public machines, I have to monitor the machines and be on time...can't leave anything sit in them by accident. If I don't have time to fold right away, I always do a quick shake-out of the shirts and lay them on top of one another to avoid wrinkling even if I don't have time to hang or fold them.

  3. I do the laundry every Sunday. We are empty nesters so I usually have just 3 loads to do. I try to fold it as soon as the dryer is done.