Monday, August 15, 2011

Basket Hunting at Goodwill

In my last post, I mentioned that the Dollar Store is a great place to find inexpensive storage containers. Another great place to check out, though definitely not as consistent, is your local Goodwill (or other thrift store).  Check out this basket I scored on Sunday for just $1.25! 
(Since the picture doesn't really show it's size, the top measures 9½ x 13½.)

Admittedly, most of Goodwill's basket selection is quite picked over. I'm talking gift baskets with handles that don't fold down & lots of round baskets.  I think I do have one round basket in my house, but overall they're kind of a waste of space. Rectangular baskets make much more efficient use of shelf space. And every once in awhile, you may come across a rectangular basket in decent condition while perusing a thrift store!  So don't forget to look next time you're there, just in case!

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