Thursday, August 4, 2011

How I Organize My Purse

First off, my apologies. I did the initial purse post last week, and intended to do this post while we were on our vacation, since the place where we were staying had Wi-Fi. However, it was actually Wi-Fi capable, for a price, plus we could never figure out how to make it work anyway. So I was unplugged for 5 days. Not all bad.  :-)
So now I'm home & back to goes:

Meet my purse!

Let's take a look inside. This is it's front pocket, which contains my wallet & receipts that I keep until I know I don't need them anymore (or file them, if it's a larger purchase).

This is the front pocket, of the 3 larger pockets. It holds a couple small notepads, and larger pieces of paper (like currently, a hotel receipt and some brochures & stats from my kids' most recent well-child check-ups).

This is the largest, middle pocket. It has a lint roller (never been used...I think it was in my bridal emergency kit when we got married - ha!), a small first-aid kit, a travel-size Norwex cloth, and a zippered pouch for various toiletry-type items.

Here's the inside of the zippered pouch. Stuff like chapstick, mints, pain reliever, lotion, hand sanitizer, tweezers, nail know, all those odds & ends that float around in the bottom of your purse! 

And the back pocket...not really serving too much of a purpose currently. It has the wallet that came with the purse, where I store gift cards, business cards...stuff I don't really need to carry around in my wallet all the time.

There are also 2 small pockets on the sides, one has a small Kleenex pack & the other is where I put my cell phone.

And there you have it!  I realized it's not the packed "mom purse" you might have been expecting, but that's because I still tote around a diaper bag most of the time.  :-)

Now, it's YOUR turn!  What's in your purse?  Any special tips for organizing it?


  1. You would probably faint in horror if I showed you the inside of my purse... ;)

  2. Beautiful!! With all your little ones around you, I bet you'd have a great post on organizing your diaper bag, too! You have a great blog - and you MUST love organizing with all the organizing blogs you follow! Thanks for posting me on your sidebar :)

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun