Friday, August 19, 2011

My DIY Chalkboard

Back in March, around the time that I first discovered her amazing blog, Jen from IHeart Organizing did a post about the chalkboard she made using a cabinet door from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  I did a quick search to find where the nearest ReStore to me is, and discovered one in a town only 45 minutes away that we go to relatively often!  I live in a rural area, if you haven't figured that out...

So last Saturday we found ourselves in this town & remembered the ReStore, and decided to see if it was open. What a cool place!  Lots of building & remodeling materials, some used & some brand new, at totally affordable prices.  So I snagged my own cabinet door to transform.

First, I taped off the inside panel of the door.

Then I painted Rustoleum chalkboard paint.

The paint recommended using a foam roller, but I used a brush since I was doing a smaller area. Mistake. Or maybe it's because I have a cheapo brush. But it left brushmarks...

After the first coat dried for 4 hours, I sanded it down a bit & then did a second coat with a foam brush, which helped a little. But next time I try one of these (and there will totally be a next time!), I will definitely use foam.

The next day I nailed some picture hangers to the back & popped it up on the wall!

Then I had to wait a few days, to give the surface time to cure...or whatever the correct technical terminology would be. Then you simply rub the side of a piece of chalk all over the surface, erase it, and you're good to go!  (You have to redo that rubbing anytime you actually wash the surface instead of just erasing it.)

So where did I choose to put my new chalkboard? You may recognize the built-in from one of my recent posts...the board is hanging in my dining room.  And what do I plan to use it for in a dining room?  Why, a menu board, of course!

What do you think?  I like it. I'd like to get a matching one (same size, 16x28) to try again, to see if I can get a smoother surface, since the brush marks bug me a little. But it's still totally usable the way it is.

I haven't done anything to the frame yet though, it's still unfinished wood. Hubby thinks it should be stained to match the rest of the wood stuff in the room; I think it would be fun to paint it a color.  What's YOUR vote?

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  1. Orange. With pink polka dots.

    What is "parade?"

    Very cool idea.

  2. One of our local towns had a celebration going on, and the parade was that night, so we planned to eat out at one of the food vendors. :)

  3. Hah! Before reading the previous comments, I thought, "BROWN. With blue polka dots." (that match your curtain colors?)

    I also agree with Rena in that you should invent a food dish called "parade" (kind of like a spin-off of the "table dump")

  4. Or you could all dress up in rainbow colors & parade your food around the block before eating it...(that would take some color coordination & organization, right?)...okay, too far, too far...(too late at night)...

  5. Fun paint! Fun paint! (That was a chant.) :) Aqua, perhaps? That might be a nice pop with your neutrals.

  6. P.S. Love it, and can we come over for supper on Sunday? ;) Oh, and they make chalkboard MARKERS, which may be the most spectacular invention EVER. No chalk dust or broken pieces. I think you can get them at hobby/arts and crafts stores.

  7. Chalkboard markers? Sweet! I will have to look for them. And yes, you can come over for supper ANY night, just let me know in advance! ;)

  8. It turned out incredible! Love love love that you found some inspiration and were able to do the same in your home!

    Thank you so much for sharing!