Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday - Easy Access Filing

I think it's important to have a handful of easy access files to help control your everyday paper clutter. This is important for me because we don't have a filing cabinet near our desk, and it becomes a magnet for papers!

I currently use folders with the following categories:
-Take Action: things to RSVP for, letters that require a reply, etc.
-Receipts: a place to store any that I might need for possible returns
-To File: because my main filing system is located in a different part of our house (and will be featured soon in an upcoming post!)
-To Shred: again, located in a different part of our house
-Norwex: I'm a consultant, and keep current paperwork here until it's ready to be filed elsewhere
-I also have a folder with Hubby's name on it, for random papers he brings home from work that I know he might be looking for later

If you do have a file cabinet that is super handy, you could always have these easy access files right at the front, otherwise a desk drawer or desktop file box are great alternatives!  I just snagged this one on a recent Target trip:

I love the pattern, it makes me so happy to see it sitting on the desk!  Which obviously it is not in that picture...I was trying to find semi-decent lighting since I took the photo at night.

I'm using post-its as labels for now, until I decide if I'm satisfied with the categories. I like that any other files I am currently using can be temporarily added to this box, helping to keep the desktop less cluttered. My clipboard & a small notebook that I use for my mom's group also tuck nicely behind the files.

What are some other file categories that you think might fit with these easy-access files?

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  1. For us, probably 90% of paperwork falls in the bank statement or health statement files. I just keep a file reqdy for those two things with my small file box too. I also have my mail filing drawer in the office, not in the kitchen. I am considering moving it into the kitchen though...iI think this would solve the paper monster problem all together. I am a super nerd and keep toy and owner manuals and much more filed. I find there are lots of things work filing and lots that are not....