Thursday, September 1, 2011

Master Closet Redo - Part 1

Our master closet has never been super functional. It measures 42 x 51" - that's right, it's deeper than it is wide! Previous owners had installed shelves along the back wall, a clothes rod in the front, and then another clothes rod running perpendicular to it way up toward the ceiling. Not the greatest use of space, so something had to be done.

Here's a before picture from last spring after I'd done some clothes decluttering...I was way too excited to get to work on this last week & forgot to take a before picture until I'd emptied the first clothes rod. :-)

Here's after emptying the first clothes rod, so you can see the shelves on the back wall.
We'd been making the best use of the existing space by using the top shelf for some of Hubby's clothes (he'd reach over the rod), the bottom shelf for my pants & sweatshirts (I'd crawl on the floor under the hanging clothes to reach them), and the hard-to-access middle shelf held rarely used stuff or items that needed mending.  Fun, right?

It's best to start with a clean slate, so I emptied the whole closet and got to work.

And here's the much more functional after!

I took out both clothes rods & reinstalled them one on top of the other (I did have to cut the top one to fit, since it was 9 inches too long). The top rack is for Hubby's clothes and the bottom one is for mine...though is he granting me a little bit of room to hang my dresses from his. How nice of him, right? He finally has room to hang up all of his polo shirts for work! No more wrinkles from being folded & squished in a dresser drawer.

I nabbed this plastic shelving unit from the basement to store our pants & sweatshirts. You may recognize it from an earlier post about our front hall closet, before the built-in shelves were installed. We also have room to tuck our small weekender suitcase between these shelves & my hanging clothes.

One of these hooks was on the wall already, and the other I stole from the back of the closet door because we never use it there. There had been hooks all around the closet many years ago & I could still see the holes where they had been (they'd only been painted over), so I simply screwed it back it! Now we each have our own belt hook.

Here's a shot toward the ceiling. The upper shelves were existing, and I definitely wanted to leave them in! And yes, that's an access panel to our attic...though we have a giant one in the hallway so will probably never need to use this one.

These four baskets are kind of mismatched, but they fit perfectly up there & nobody but us (well, and now all of you!) sees them so I don't care. The first basket holds extra accessories like a sentimental hat, fancy purses, double-sided tape, etc. The next basket is currently holding some items that need mending, but might become a donation station. The next one holds some of Hubby's once-a-year seasonal clothes (like a Christmas ugly sweater, a shirt used only for a Halloween costume, etc.). And the last basket holds extra padded hangers...which I might be getting rid of anyway, because I don't really like using them!

The shelf on the right holds a bunch of shoe boxes. I still need to make labels for them so I can tell from the floor what's inside them without taking all of them down! I haven't decided if I should take pictures of each pair of shoes, or just use words.

And now for a before & after, side by side!

I love it so much! I'm not a fan of doing laundry, but I've found myself excited to do it this week because I can't wait to hang up our clothes! I'm sure that will wear off, soon.

Now you're asking "Randi, why did you call this part 1?"  Well, I have more plans for this space! It really needs a coat of paint, and not just because I think it would be fun, but because the existing paint is really old & when I took out the shelving it left gray cement/plaster spots where the supports had been. Go back & look at the pictures, you'll see them.

We also need to hook up some sort of lighting for inside the closet, because it's dark in there! That will help Hubby out in the mornings, since he's usually digging for clothes while I'm still asleep.

I've been wanting to make some sort of jewelry thing to hang my necklaces from. I have a really nice jewelry box but most of the necklaces I wear don't fit well in it, and I think inside the closet would be a good location for them.

And who knows what else?!  I guess you'll just have to look forward to Part 2!


  1. I wish I had your dedication! It looks great :)

    I made almost an art display out of my necklaces on the wall in my room using mini Command hooks. It is functional, but it also looks really cool.

  2. You did a great job on the closet! It was not functional before at all!

    The closet in our master bedroom is only big enough for Terry's clothes so I have a separate wardrobe and then we share a dresser.

    Our room is on my list to organize but the more public areas of the house tend to rank higher.

  3. This is great. I am in the process of moving from the downstairs bedroom to the upstairs bedroom which is more like a master suite. I can't believe how much work it is and how UGH I feel doing it. Glad you are so dedicated. Keep up the great work.