Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday - Decluttering Kitchen Utensils

Is your kitchen utensil drawer looking like this?  (That's not my drawer, by the way...)
It's time to declutter!

Consider which utensils you actually use on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. Perhaps items used often could be stored in a pretty crock on the countertop. Or not - it's up to you & the space you have.

Utensils used infrequently (the turkey baster you only use at Thanksgiving) could be afforded a different space, perhaps in your pantry, a buffet, or even a small box in the basement; somewhere not "in the way", but easily accessible when a utensil is needed.

Also ask yourself if you actually need every utensil? When is the last time you used ______________? Be honest, and if you find that you really don't use a utensil, donate it.

1 comment:

  1. YES! Did you sneak into my house and take a picture of my gadget drawer? (Actually, make that x2 for me. I am ashamed...) Funny thing — this picture reminds me to get a rolling pin. My mom wanted to make a peach pie when she visited this weekend and had to use the stick thing from Tessa's percussion kit. On second thought, maybe I'll just tell her to BYORP since I never use one. Ha — there, I'm already decluttering by not purchasing a rolling pin. Thanks, Randi! ;)