Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Tip Tuesday - Hanging Measuring Cups

Today's tip may be organizing gold or an organizing flop, I haven't decided which yet. Maybe you can help me!

In an attempt to create more convenient storage in my baking cabinets, I recently mounted some 3M wire hooks on the inside of one of the cupboard doors and hung my measuring cups from them.
Please excuse the photo quality - I literally just took this, at 10:30pm, so obviously no natural light.

I had seen a photo on Pinterest where someone had mounted wooden strips with hooks on them to the inside of a cupboard and hung all their measuring cups & spoons from them. I didn't want to commit to screwing something into the cupboard yet, so I thought I'd try easily removable hooks.

The whole thing is a great idea, right?  In theory...

My problem is that I whip the door open and the cups all bang against the cupboard, pretty much scaring the crap out of me every.single.time. Hubby commented on it too.  So unless one of you readers has a genius idea of something I could put behind the cups to dampen the noise, I may have to give up the hooks.  :(

I do think that hanging your measuring cups and/or spoons would be a great idea if you have a wall space, perhaps in a pantry, on which to put the hooks. Since, you know, walls don't move...  


  1. maybe attach some felt tabs to the cupboard??

  2. Ah, brilliant! A felt pad behind the biggest part of each cup would dampen noise AND be "invisible". That was my big thing - I didn't want something that I'd see and that would bug me! I'll have to try that, thanks for the tip Heidi! Sometimes it's good to have new eyes looks at a situation for some of the obvious solutions... :)

  3. Randi - I had the same problem when I hung keys inside a cabinet. I used some of the spongy drawer liner product that comes in a roll (similar to pads you buy to make your carpets stay put). Anything that has padding will work, and if it is pretty, all the better! You could even use a sheet of cork that has adhesive backing. It could them serve a double purpose, allowing you to tack things there as well.

  4. I invested in some pampered chef slidable measurers. One for tsp and T and one for dry or liquid cups. Less to wash and organize.