Thursday, December 8, 2011

Love Me Some Pegboard

Hubby recently installed a piece of pegboard for me, behind the door that goes to our basement. Our basement door is off the kitchen and there's a small landing at the top of the stairs. To the right is our deep pantry, and the left side (where the door swings) has always been where we stashed the broom, mop, etc. An okay solution, but not a great one, because it sometimes interfered with being able to open the door all the way, or things would tip over & fall down the stairs. 

A couple months ago I read a magazine article about different organizing uses for pegboard, and decided that's what we needed in that space!  (I would cite the article, but I can't remember what magazine it was from anymore!)

It's the perfect amount of space to store the broom & dustpan, my mop and it's accessories (and yes, I realize the blue mop pad needs to be washed), my dusting mitt & all of my cleaning cloths. The few other cleaning supplies I have are stored in the laundry room, which I'll be showing you soon!

Here's another shot, from down the stairs a bit:

I love my new pegboard.  My favorite part is that it gets everything up off the floor, so we can open the door all the way!

Have you used pegboard for any organizing projects in your home or garage?  Please share!

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  1. Chad has used it in the garage to store his tools, and I've had it in the basement to store hardware type things...have to say I LOVe the flexibility of being able to move things around as needed. It looks great, R!